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True Support


True Guidance

We invest in small early-stage businesses with a long-term interest in supporting and guiding teams to achieving their full potential.

We have a background in e-commerce and a particular interest in film production.

We are not bound to any one industry or country, we simply have to like the product or service and believe that, with the team on board it can be successful.

Furthermore we need to be convinced that our experience and expertise adds value.

The Feensee Investment Committee (FIC) meets regularly to discuss the development of the current portfolio as well as new opportunities.


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True Insights


True Progress

We love generating insights, analyzing situations, overcoming challenges and contributing to progress.

With over twenty years of intense hands-on experience in Marketing, Customer Service, Production and general Management in international fast paced (online-) environments, we have a lot to contribute.

Areas of special expertise are

  • scaling, deloping and restructuring organizations
  • increasing and managing productivity and efficiency
  • analyzing and optimizing business and operations processes
  • controlling, managing and optimizing people performance

We like projects just as much as supporting on an Interim Management basis.


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True Attention



We believe that everyone has something to contribute and that the key to success is to see, understand, utilize and develop a person’s full potential.

It is all about being the right person in the right place at the right time – both professionally and generally in life.

For learning about how to get there and how to make the best of your potential, personal coaching is a very useful means.

As with most things, succeeding is much easier together with an interested, competent and supportive counterpart.


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